The Belgium national football team (Dutch: Het
Belgische voetbalelftal, Dutch pronunciation: [əd ˈbɛɫ.ʝi.sə ˈvud.bɑɫ.ˌɛɫ(ə)f.tɑɫ]); (French: L'équipe de Belgique de football); (German: Die Belgische Fußballnationalmannschaft); represents Belgium in association football and is controlled by the Royal Belgian Football Association, the governing body for football in Belgium. Belgium's home stadium is King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. Marc Wilmots is their national manager. He started as an assistant, but took over when Georges Leekens took the managerial position in FC Bruges. They are nicknamed the Red Devils (Dutch: Rode Duivels, Dutch pronunciation: [ˈroː.də ˈdœy̯.vəɫs]); (French: Diables Rouges); (German: Rote Teufeln).

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